Tuesday, March 13

Something I forgot made me so happy.

I've been in a funk for the last couple weeks. 
Ya know what I mean.

I've recently moved from a giant front office window to a cubicle to another office with a window that's long and wide. 
I've had this paper weight crystal for years just waiting.

Why even mention this?  
Because I had forgotten how much I love Rainbows.
My friends, crystals make rainbows and lots of them.
At a certain time every morning the crystal will be in just the right position to make hundreds of crystals.  They bounce to and fro.  Sometimes I'll spin the crystal and then I'm in a whirling vortex of crystals.  Making me forget my sad little self.
It's wonderful. 

Hope you found your Rainbow today. 

Harmony Marie

Monday, February 27

Record Bowl. In record time!

Ga- Ga- ga- ha.

I've seen these on Pinterest and in a couple different news broadcasts.
I finally decided to try it. 
I went to the local thrift shop and got 3 records for $1.00

I found a couple different size metal bowls, turned the oven around 350, centered the record on the bowl placed in the oven and waited.
Not very long I might add.

All of a sudden I had some pretty sweet bowls! 
We had My Fair Lady, Camelot, Saturday's Warrior (I melted one a little too much), the Sound of Music!  All the perfect songs!
Now, they hold keys, phones and whatever else will fit in them.

*Note, if you wait too long...they will melt and stink.

Sunday, February 19


Harmony here.

Just wanted to show you my latest creation.

I got bored one Sunday. . . and apparently, this is called Bunting.  I found some felt, cut out some felt letters, got my trusty yarn and needle and went to work. 
A couple hours later I had this....just in time for Valentine's Day!

I really liked it. 

Tuesday, January 31

Membil Giveaway Closed!

Blogger Kailey said...

Soo... is it bad to enter on both? hehehe Derek has an eye for beauty.
Send me your address Kailey!

it's pretty awesome isn't it?
the husband made it.
it's for sale on our etsy shop.

but it could be yours!
i'll mail you a copy

Leave a comment.

winners announced on friday!
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Sunday, January 29

Membil Giveaway (Closed)

Blogger Chassie Gragg said...

oh, it is love. i can handle the cleverness!
Chassie!  send me an e-mail with your address!  harmonymarie@membil.com

I've been busy the last little while but I wanted to share!

Meet Remi!

Meet Remi.
He loves cotton.
A. Lot. a lot.
Just doing want he does best.

Want him?
You know you do!
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I'll announce the winner on Friday!

Cottontail Bunny Cotton Holder. 
Literally but in Ceramic.
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Monday, January 23

Amy Butler's Snow Mum, but not in a pillow form.

Maybe, next time, I should use some real nice felt....nahhh.

Remember my lamp that I thrifted here?
Well, I found a lampshade, thrifted of course, but then, I just didn't know what to do with it. (my second lampshade actually, the first was just WAY too small, but it's agood thing I only paid $3.00)
It's actually sat there for a couple months to be honest. 
And if I know me, which I kind of do, I needed a quick and easy change.
I have this idea that I really want to do with a lampshade, but that will be stored away for future use and would have taken a couple too many hours.

So, back to the lampshade at hand.
Being a crafter procrastinator, I have many projects not quite complete.
Back in October, I had knee surgery, which I knew my backside would see a lot of seat, so I set up some small project for myself.
One being these Amy Butler Snow Mum Pillow Pattern.
And I made 4 .77 mums.  Once again, almost finished.
I've known for a while that they have so many uses, just haven't done it...
Like a pillow, a headband, blanket, they basically can be applied to anything.
Then I realized, well yes, I do have four, but only 1 lampshade.
Too many options and I know I'll want to change the lampshade again in the future...so what do I do?
Grab some orange thread, a African Glass Bead in blue, lampshade.
Through the eye of the needle we go, into the lampshade, out and int again, tie a knot.

And touchdown!

Now I can change out the color of the mum when I want with minimal impact on the lampshade and my life!

Harmony Marie crafter procrastinator - 1
Projects to be complete - Bizillions

Peace out.

Amy Butler's Snow Mum Pillow pattern here.

Sunday, January 15

Cottontail Bunny Cotton Holder. Literally but in Ceramic.

Meet Remi.
He loves cotton. A. Lot. a lot. Just doing want he does best.Remi is about 5.5 inches long and about 4 inches tall.He's been hand glazed with 3 coats to make him shine!

Visit him on my Etsy shop here!